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Textransfer Communications
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger
Horstheider Weg 106a
33613 Bielefeld
Phone +49(521)986 0412
Fax +49(521)986 0411

Special Abilities

Textransfer Communications reaches beyond what most other German communications agencies are capable of.

Reliable and Committed 

We deliver on time with care and commitment, and we are loyal. From our clients, we expect the same attitudes.

Rooted in Journalism

Besides our public relations work, we also regularly produce journalistic copy and photography for German media. As working journalists ourselves, we have a very clear understanding of journalism and the needs of journalists "from within". For a matter of ethics and avoiding conflict of interest, we only work as journalists on topics unrelated to our PR clients. We have successfully entended our knowledge of journalism to social media and other means of online communications.

Embedded in Research

There were times when "having studied something to do with the media" or "I like to write" were considered sufficient qualifications for work in public relations. However, now, as in most other fields, success depends on a solid knowledge base, which for communications means full command of research on journalism and the changes the industry goes through, and also of the rapid evolution of social media and other web-based communication.

The need for solid, research-based knowledge can best be illustrated when referring to other professions: Who would ever trust a lawyer or a physician not in command of latest research in their fields of practical work? Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger combines more than 30 years of international practice in journalism, public relations and marketing with teaching at universities, and a Ph.D. in journalism earned at Technische Universität Dortmund in 2013. The combination of three decades in experience and the latest knowledge in journalism research at the head of the bureau is unique in the industry to our knowledge.