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Textransfer Communications
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger
Horstheider Weg 106a
33613 Bielefeld
Phone +49(521)986 0412
Fax +49(521)986 0411

Raphael Tenschert

Public Relations, Marketing, Visual Communications


Raphael Tenschert works at communications in public relations and marketing.

Born in 1972 in Munich, Germany, Raphael Tenschert joined Textransfer Communications in 2007 with a background of being a trained photographer and having produced high-end visual work since 1991. His experience also includes photography with the British Forces in Kosovo in 2001. One of his many skills is having mastered PhotoShop. He is Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger’s assistant for content work in all client accounts. He also oversees all visual output at Textransfer Communications, from photographic infrastructures to video productions. He has developed high-end electronic documentation of the results we produce for our clients.

Raphael Tenschert has developed a profound understanding of the USA and its culture in escorting several group press visits and TV productions to Tennessee and other US states, and in other work-related travels to the USA. He also is an expert on the American film industry. 

Raphael Tenschert's responsibilities at Textransfer Communications include:

  • Consumer work
  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • PhotoShop
  • Video productions
  • Management of tourism databases
  • Graphics design and editorial responsibility for several websites
  • Database-operated management of media contacts
  • Work at trade and consumers shows with planning and follow-up
  • Assistance in the production and distribution of press releases
  • Tracking and documentation of media appearances
  • Proofreading