Our services in tourism marketing encompass activities directed at three target groups. Ideally, those work intertwined in integrated concepts of marketing.  

Target Group Media

  • Systematic brand positioning and development of corporate identity
  • Ongoing contact with journalists in print media
  • Ongoing contact with producers in TV, radio and online media
  • Group and individual press trips
  • Production & mailing of press releases
  • Production of feature stories fit to print, one of our unique services
  • Online press portals and traditional press kits
  • Tracking of broadcasts and clipping evaluation, analysis
  • Hands-on support for journalists and producers in their writing of copy and research
  • Press conferences and other special media events
  • Handling of the media at trade and consumer shows
  • Operation of media data base structures
  • Media profiling and advertising placements
  • Crisis management

Target Group Travel Trade

  • Ongoing contact with tour operators
  • Ongoing contact with travel agencies
  • Ongoing contact with airlines, incoming receptive operators and others
  • Trade show organization
  • Development and ongoing operation of web pages
  • Sales missions and road shows
  • Product and tour development
  • Training seminars and other events for travel agents and tour operators
  • Production of brochures and other marketing tools in print, on the web, or DVD
  • Fam tours for travel agents and tour operators
  • Branding with market analysis and research

Target Group Consumers

  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer Management
  • Consumer show organization
  • Special promotional events
  • Development and operation of effective consumer websites
  • Mailing house services
  • Brochures; special competence in adaptations of American material to the German market. 

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