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Textransfer Communications
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger
Horstheider Weg 106a
33613 Bielefeld
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Tourism Marketing

Textransfer's Media-Powered Tourism Marketing is a unique concept of demand-driven, full-service economic development work via tourism marketing with a distinctive emphasis on strategic positioning of creative public relations and Internet promotions.

Media Work at The Heart of Tourism Promotion

For Textransfer, media work and utilizing the Internet are at the heart of economic development via tourism promotion, not on its edge. Our proven in-house competences at working with the classic media and the Internet distinguish us from most other tourism-promotion agencies. We do not rely on outsourcing solutions for communications, public relations, website or social media solutions.

Growth Through Media Outreach

We are firmly convinced that significant growth in tourism is achievable only by increasing consumer demand. Once demand grows, suppliers will happily provide the product. At this point, our sales competence comes in. Our skills in and knowledge of the media do not imply less expertise in sales though. Quite the opposite, we have proven to be very effective in working with tour operators, travel agents and other industry partners, building and enjoying trustful and efficient business relationships with all key players. Our point to make is that the media, both traditional and online, are not to be outsourced, but require qualified in-house attention. This is, because good media presence will genuinely power all other fields of tourism promotion work.

Shows, events and competent fulfillment are useful means of reaching consumers and binding them to the product. At the same time, real growth of consumer demand can only be achieved through effective work with the media and with skillful utilizations of the Internet.

Strategic Positioning of Communications

Thus, the distinction of Media-Powered Tourism Marketing is not about whether the emphasis should be put either on the media or on the industry. The point about strategic positioning of communications is that: effective mass media, social media and other Internet work need to be positioned as major tools not only to build awareness, but also to help travel agents, tour operators, airlines and other industry partners. Nothing helps suppliers more, and nothing creates a better foundation for good cooperation with the industry than tourism promoters effectively increasing consumer and travel agent demand, which can best be generated through journalism and communications.

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