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Textransfer Communications
Dr. Wolfgang Streitbörger
Horstheider Weg 106a
33613 Bielefeld
Phone +49(521)986 0412
Fax +49(521)986 0411


Textransfer Communications has a long-standing reputation of producing adaptations of American brochures and copy for the German market, meeting the finest journalistic standards.

Mere Translation Will Not Do!

Our adaptations combine language translation with journalistic skill. As opposed to mere translating, we will rebuild English-language copy and at times conduct additional research needed to meet highest standards of professional writing in German.  

This highly-specialized service, as we have continuously refined it since 1990, is available to our marketing customers for brochure production. In some instances, we would also produce adaptations for other clients, such as top-quality magazines in Germany. Adaptations by Textransfer have appeared in quality magazines and newspapers, such as:

Textransfer has produced brochure adaptations for tourism industry clients such as: