Media Research

Textransfer Communications provides applied media research based on the proprietor Wolfgang Streitbörger's Ph.D. in journalism studies.

While sound knowledge of state-of-the art media research is part of all tourism-related and other media activities, the office also engages in its own basic and applied research work in the scholarly field of communication:

  • Media Research for public relations clients and the media
  • Books about the foundations and applications of journalism research
  • Teaching of communication at universities in Germany and in the USA (adjunct professor)
  • Consulting in applied, social science-based journalism research

Latest Publications

  • Streitbörger, Wolfgang (2014): Grundbegriffe für Journalistenausbildung. Theorie, Praxis und berufliche Techniken als Techne. Preface by Horst Pöttker. Springer VS, Wiesbaden (published dissertation). The book looks at basic terminology in journalism, structuring and analyzing curricula in journalism education. It applies terminology work as expressed in ISO standards and the ancient Greek concept of techne to characterize vocational techniques used in journalism. Includes empirical testing of the terminology on journalism curricula at four German and American journalism schools, including Columbia University and University of Missouri. For documentation of these case studies, see Appendixes with documentation of the four case studies.
  • Streitbörger, Wolfgang (2013a): Techne. Eine anwendungsorientierte terminologische Analyse dieses Wortes. Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg. Analyzes the ancient Greek concept of techne using terminology work as expressed in ISO standards, a social-science content analyses to identify the characteristics of the concept behind the word techne.
  • Streitbörger, Wolfgang (2013b): Vertiefungen und Ergänzungen. Freely accessible appendix to Streitbörger 2014 (above) offering more insights and additional information on the case studies: Anhang_A_Vertiefungen+Ergänzungen.

Other Selected Publications

  • Möller (since 1990: Streitbörger), Wolfgang (1990): Die Finanzierung des nichtkommerziellen Radios in den USA. In: Schröder, Hermann-Dieter (Hg.): Finanzierung lokaler Hörfunkprogramme. Symposien des Hans-Bredow-Instituts. Nomos, Baden-Baden/Hamburg.Journal article about financing of public radio.
  • Möller (since 1990: Streitbörger), Wolfgang/Wimmersberg, Heidrun (1988): Public Broadcasting in den USA. Nichtkommerzielle Hörfunk- und Fernsehstrukturen in einem kommerziell geprägten Rundfunksystem. Preface by Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem. Saur, Munich. The first comprehensive German study and also the first study of its kind in English of public broadcasting in the USA.

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